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Nacecare 17" Twintec Battery Scrubber


With 11-gallon solution and recovery tanks, this 17" battery walk behind scrubber is compact and so easy to use anyone can operate it.

Product Details

  • Size: Solution Capacity: 11 Gallon Recovery Capacity: 11 Gallon
  • Case Pack: 1
  • Product Code:TGB817
  • Vendor:Nacecare

Nacecare 17" Twintec Battery Scrubber

  • Fully adjustable handle provides proper ergonomics for any operator
  • Semi-parabolic tear-away squeegee with Linatex blades pivots from side to side providing excellent water recovery on turns
  • Patented flip-up head makes pad or brush changing a breeze
  • LED control panel continuously provides operator with vacuum, water and battery status
  • Onboard charger and 2 x 100 amp hour gel batteries provide 2.53.5 hours of run time and can be charged anywhere
  • The gel batteries are completely maintenance free, emit 1/40 of the hydrogen gas of wet lead acid batteries, are spill-proof and can be charged anywhere.

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