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Powerboss Phoenix 26 Walk Behind Scrubber


The Phoenix 26 is a compact brush scrubber with a 26”cleaning path and features two 13" disc brushes equipped with Aqua-Stop brushes. Aqua-Stop technology has been tested and proven to produce 20% water and chemical savings by retaining the water and chemical under the brush longer than a standard disc brush via the Aqua-Stop ring encapsulating the bristles and trapping the water giving the operator the ability to use minimal water flow to achieve professional results. The scrub deck is made is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum casting. The direct Brush Release System (BRS) allows brushes to be changed quickly.The Phoenix 26 covers 34,445 sq. ft. per hour. Easy-to-understand controls ensure that the machine is simple to operate. The 19 gallon recovery tank is easy-to-clean and hygienic while the Anti-Foam System (AFS) protects the vacuum motor from damage. An on-board charger is convenient and allows the machine to be charged anywhere. As an added safety feature, when the on-board charger is plugged in, the machine is not operable. Removing the brushes is as easy as pressing down with your foot, hands-free brush removal. Squeegees have also been designed so that no operator adjustment is necessary. A low brush deck design is ideal for cleaning underneath obstacles such as shelves, warehouse racks and other stationary objects.

Product Details

  • Size: 26" Cleaning path
  • Case Pack: 1
  • Product Code:PHX26DQP
  • Vendor:Powerboss

Powerboss Phoenix 26 Walk Behind Scrubber

  • Flow-optimized dirty water tank with AFS (Anti Foam System) to protect the vacuum turbine. Large tank lid provides easy access for cleaning purposes.
  • A new kind of squeegee with Quick Adjust System allows optimum pickup even on difficult floors. Quick-clamping device for squeegee makes replacement easier. Squeegee blade is highly-resistant to wear.
  • Simple, easy-to-understand controls ensure that the machine is easy to use and maintain.
  • Two powerful brush motors guarantee an even cleaning result across the entire width of the machine.
  • The direct Brush Release System (BRS) allows brushes to be changed quickly.
  • Phoenix 26 and 28 have a 22.5 gal solution tank and a 22.5 gal recovery tank.

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