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Minuteman Port-A-Scrub 14" Electric Floor Scrubber


Compact and versatile cleaning machine excels on virtually any type of hard floor. Ideal for cleaning: vinyl, hardwood, tile, concrete, short nap carpeting, slate, brick, granite, marble, escalators, people movers and more!

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  • Product Code:M14110
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Minuteman Port-A-Scrub 14" Electric Floor Scrubber

  • 12-inch cleaning path helps it fit into tight or congested areas, so it can reach under shelves, tables and chairs, where other machines cannot reach.
  • Puts water and chemical down, scrubs with two counter-rotating cylindrical brushes and picks up the dirty water, leaving the floor surface virtually dry.
  • Running at a low noise level of just 69 db, operation is possible in noise sensitive areas.
  • Easy controls, compact and great maneuverability, anyone can use the Port A Scrub with minimal training.
  • Counter rotating cylindrical brushes allow the Port A Scrub to glide back and forth in forward or reverse with little effort and allows for one hand operation.
  • Four height settings for brush wear and brush height.


An ideal floor cleaning solution for airports, washrooms, clinics, offices, hotels, educational institutions, retail stores and anywhere a clean surface is required.


1 HP

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