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ES37 Cleaner Maintainer Polisher 3.78L


ES37 is specifically designed to clean, refurbish and maintain any densified, hardened or polished terrazzo/concrete floor surface. This product removes marking and soiling, while also creating a smoother more resilient surface, reinforcing the surface of the floor with every use. It's a part of an award-winning Concrete And Terrazzo Floor Care Program.

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Product Details

  • Size: 3.78L
  • Case Pack: 4
  • Product Code:ES37-4
  • Vendor:Charlotte Products Ltd.
  • SDS:Click Here

ES37 Cleaner Maintainer Polisher 3.78L

  • ES37 contains a special low friction lubricant that extends the life of floor pads, reducing cost and increasing the gloss level of the floor
  • Easy application, no rinsing required
  • Water-based. Low odor. No sticky residue


Clean your floors as you normally would by using your auto scrubber with the ES-CMP pad grit matching your highest level of polish and ES37 Cleaner Maintainer Polisher diluted according to label instructions.


1 oz. ES35 per gallon of water (1:128)
7.8 mL per liter of water

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