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ES36 Nano Substrate Densifier


ES36 is a lithium-silicate based surface densifier. This product provides additional protection, durability and surface density to granite, natural stone, limestone, terrazzo, and concrete floors. It's a part of our award-winning Concrete And Terrazzo Floor Care Program.

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Product Details

  • Size: 3.78L
  • Case Pack: 4
  • Product Code:ES36-4
  • Vendor:Charlotte Products Ltd.™
  • SDS:Click Here

ES36 Nano Substrate Densifier

  • Applying ES36 reduces porosity and surface abrasion while increasing the resistance to staining, freeze/thaw scaling, mildew, fungi and water intrusion
  • Will not cause discoloration
  • Eliminates the need for specialized labour and equipment


1. Ensure the substrate is free of all foreign material and has been prepared using ES35 Restoration Cleaner and EnviroSolutions® Foundation Prep Pads.
2. Dilute ES36 Nano Substrate Densifier 1:4 with water.
3. Ensure the product is thoroughly mixed and place product into a pump sprayer.
4. Apply an even coat over the floor and use a clean flat mop to ensure no puddles or pools. Allow floor to dry completely. If the floor takes less than 40 minutes to dry, re-application may be necessary.


32 oz. of ES36 per gallon of water or 250 mL per liter of water (1:4)
Product yields approximately 500 square feet per gallon (3.78 L)

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