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ES35 Restoration Cleaner


ES35 is a heavy-duty floor cleaner and polisher specially designed for use with the Enviro-Solutions® Foundation Prep Pads (ES-FPP). When used as part of the award-winning Enviro-Solutions® Concrete and Terrazzo program, ES35 helps build a resilient foundation on your concrete or terrazzo floors.

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Product Details

  • Size: 3.78L
  • Case Pack: 4
  • Product Code:ES35-4
  • Vendor:Charlotte Products Ltd.™
  • SDS:Click Here

ES35 Restoration Cleaner

  • Non-sticky formulation penetrates soils, oils, greases and carbon build-up, leaving behind nothing but shine
  • Formulation is non-harmful to floor surfaces and further extends the life of your pad
  • This product prepares an ideal surface for the application of ES36 Nano Substrate Densifier (Swish code ES36-4)


1. Dilute ES35 Restoration Cleaner according to instructions and fill your auto scrubber.
2. Install the 200 grit ES-FPP and set your machine to maximum pressure.
3. Scrub in a straight line across the area overlapping half of the scrub path on each turn. When the area is complete, scrub the area using the same motion in the opposite direction.
4. Repeat the process with 400 grit ES-FPP and before applying ES36 Nano Substrate Densifier.
5. After the Densifier has dried repeat the process with the 800 grit ES-FPP.



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