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Bio-Active Odour Eliminator for Washrooms, 1L


Specially formulated to eliminate malodors in washrooms. Eliminates bad odours of urine and excrement at the source leaving a clean fresh scent

Product Details

  • Size: 1L
  • Case Pack: 6
  • Product Code:ES100-1
  • Vendor:Enviro Solutions
  • SDS:Click Here
  • Product Information Sheet:Click Here

Bio-Active Odour Eliminator for Washrooms, 1L

  • Used on a regular basis to eliminate bacterial growth and the return of malodors
  • Designed as an effective odour control product for bathroom/washroom/shower/change room facilities
  • Does not mask malodors with fragrance
  • Has a non-soiling surfactant so it can be used on both hard and soft surfaces
  • WHMIS/OSHA exempt
  • An innovative formulation that binds to odour causing molecules neutralizing the odour rapidly, then the microorganisms work to eliminate the cause of the odour


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