NaceCare Duplex DP420 Floor Machine


Clean virtually any floor surface from carpets, hardwood, profiled ceramics, grouted tile to rubberized floors. The two counter rotating brushes turning at 780 rpm. work right up to the edge of the machine and into difficult corners. The Duplex is also an outstanding carpet cleaner for both high traffic areas and low moisture situations. It?s virtually impossible to over wet the carpet and it dries in 30 minutes. It replaces bonnet cleaning as the mainstay in any interim carpet maintenance program because it?s not only more effective its faster.

Multiple makes and models available. Please contact for more information.

Product Details

  • Size: Recovery Tank: 1.6 gal, Solution Tank: 1 gal, Pad Speed: 780 rpm, Cleaning Path: 14"
  • Case Pack: 1
  • Product Code:DP420
  • Vendor:NaceCare Solutions

NaceCare Duplex DP420 Floor Machine

  • Can clean virtually any floor surface
  • Very effective on grouted tile and rubberized floors
  • Also cleans carpets, hardwood, profiled ceramics
  • Twin conveyors lift the dirt-filled solution from the brushes to a central recovery tank or you can choose to double scrub the area picking up the water later
  • Brushes and drive unit are offset, so the brushes work right up to the edge of the machine and into difficult corners
  • Brush options include 2 grades of black brushes for regular or aggressive scrubbing , grey is the standard all purpose brush and yellow is for sensitive carpet areas


1000 W/ 1.3 Hp


35 ft. power cord

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