Commercial Grade Pressure Washers to Solve Your Toughest Cleaning Challenges

As the first authorized Kärcher pressure washer dealer in North America, offering commercial grade pressure washers since 1986, Swish has helped countless customers overcome their high-powered cleaning needs time and time again.

With a Kärcher commercial-grade pressure washer you’ll get:

  • Greater cleaning performance with less water consumption
  • Longer service life
  • Shorter cleaning times

Whether it’s pressure washing fleet vehicles, farming equipment and facilities, construction equipment, industrial facilities or building complexes, Swish has the right professional power washer for you to improve your cleaning performance.

180+ Industrial and Commercial Pressure Washers to Choose From

Over 180 models to choose from with configurations including hot and cold water cleaning, electric and gas engines, mobile or stationary, and heavy duty machine options.

With our wide selection of machine configurations, industry leading expertise and free on-site consultation, Swish is guaranteed to help you find the right high-powered machine for your unique cleaning application.

Industry-leading equipment service

Our SwishTech service department is here to help you minimize downtime and maximize productivity. From planned maintenance programs to emergency service support, our factory-trained, certified technicians provide professional service and training, as well as quick access to OEM spare parts on all types of maintenance equipment, whether purchased from Swish or elsewhere.

Our Swish cleaning experts are here to assess your needs and recommend the right products for you.

Contact us today for all your pressure washer needs!

Request a free consultation with a Swish pressure washer expert today!!

Karcher Pressure Washer
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