WELCOME TO SWISH | Swish Group of Companies is a leading distributor of sanitation supplies and equipment recognized for the Value, Quality and Service we bring to our customers. We are honoured to be trusted experts in complete cleaning solutions in the many industries we serve and are on a mission to help you solve your most challenging cleaning tasks. We are a family owned Canadian company, presently manufacturing and distributing proven innovative cleaning products from 15 locations across Canada and the Northeastern United States.



Please join us for the Grand Re-Opening celebrations of our Oakville Clean-it-Centre® & Karcher store, April 21, 2017 at 2600 Bristol Cir #1, Oakville, Ontario. Live product demonstrations, door prizes, BBQ and great deals on Swish and Karcher products. See you there!
We are excited to announce a new how-to video series providing expert advice and practical tips on effective cleaning. Please view the videos on the official Swish Maintenance YouTube channel and subscribe to be notified of the new videos as they get released. Watch Videos Here
School season is quickly approaching, and as children return to the classroom, parents and teachers can’t help but worry about the surfaces they are constantly interacting with. With so many people coming together in the school setting, it’s easy to see how classrooms can become ‘hot spots’ for germs and bacteria. Read our blog to learn how to keep your hands and 'hot spots' clean this school year. Learn more here
For most people, summer is considered their favourite season of the year. For others, such as those who work outdoors all day, the summer can be a cause for discomfort. Why? – You might ask. Well, most outdoor workers are exposed to the elements of the sun for a significant amount of time each day. As Deb Group explains, ultraviolet (UV) rays are invisible rays that come from the sun and when they reach the earth’s surface they are strong enough to damage the skin. Thus, leaving outdoor workers at the most risk. Learn how to protect your workforce by reading our blog. Learn more here
You may be asking, ‘What is a Bio-Enzymatic Cleaner?’ If so, you’re not the first. Check out our blog to take a closer at what these products are and how they perform. Learn more here
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