Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Quick-Connect Straight Extension Handle, 48-72 Q755 Lightweight aluminum construction for improved productivity CALL FOR QUOTE
Steel Dust Mop Frame US_STEEL Provides 360 degree swivel action. Durable frame collapses for easy mop removal. CALL FOR QUOTE
Quick Change Metal/Wood Mop Handle, 54" 1783 Economical quick change mop handle designed for both narrow and wide band CALL FOR QUOTE
SANITARY FIBERGLASS BLUE HANDLE 60" 2409 Durable hygienic handle with nylon standard threaded tip guaranteed not to absorb moisture and bacteria CALL FOR QUOTE
Long Broom Brace for Handle & Head Support 0152 Extra handle support that can be connected quickly and easily CALL FOR QUOTE
Quick Change Frame and Handle Wall Wash, 54" 940-02 Designed to wash and dust hard to reach areas CALL FOR QUOTE
Threaded Wood Handle WOODHAND Hardwood, standard threaded handle fits numerous products. CALL FOR QUOTE
High Impact Plastic Mop Handle SNAP-N Lightweight, reinforced impact plastic handle is designed to accommodate any size mop, both narrow and wide band. Features unique lever for hands free mop removal and replacement. Available in 54 or 60 inch length. CALL FOR QUOTE
Wood Handle Tapered WOODHANDT Tapered handle constructed from hardwood fits stable broom, squeegees and much more. CALL FOR QUOTE
Wood Handle Threaded Metal WOODHANDTH Attached metal tip adds strength at point of stress. CALL FOR QUOTE
Swivel Squeegee Handle 9213 Ideal for use with the telescopic pole when cleaning tricky areas CALL FOR QUOTE
Window Squeegee Brass Handle, 12 9207 Ideal for cleaning flat, smooth surfaces CALL FOR QUOTE

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